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Crafting Witchy Vibes: Halloween Background Card

Hey there, my fellow crafting enthusiasts! I'm thrilled to have you join me today for a wickedly fun crafting adventure. We're about to whip up something truly spellbinding – a Witchy Halloween Background Card!

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I remember the first time I attempted a card like this. It was a bit like being a kid in a candy store, but instead of candy, it was ink pads and embossing folders that had me excited. Over the years, I've learned a few tricks (pun intended) to create stunning Halloween cards, and I can't wait to share them with you.

Crafting Witchy Vibes Video Tutorial:

In this step-by-step tutorial, we'll dive into the enchanting world of cardmaking and bring some Halloween magic to life. So, grab your crafting cauldron, and let's get started!

If you have problems watching the video here on my blog you can always watch the replay on my YouTube Channel by Clicking Here!

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Materials You'll Need:

Before we dive into the crafty cauldron, let's gather our magical ingredients:

1. Simon Says Stamp Inks:

  • These inks are perfect for creating a beautifully blended background. The colors are so vibrant; it's like having a rainbow at your fingertips.

2. Tree Rings 3D Embossing Folder (Stampin' Up!):

  • This embossing folder adds a touch of whimsical texture to your card. It's like bringing a piece of the forest right onto your cardstock.

3. Sanding Block:

  • This is where the fun really begins. With a sanding block, you can distress your background panel, giving it that rustic, aged look. Just like a well-worn spellbook!

4. Midnight's Halloween Adventures #3 Stamp Set (Sweet November Stamps):

  • Ah, the focal point of our card! This stamp set is brimming with Halloween charm. From witches to ghosts, it's got everything you need to set the spooky scene.

5. Stampin' Blends Alcohol Markers (Stampin' Up!):

  • These markers are like the magic wands of the crafting world. They'll help you color your images with precision and style.

Now that we've got our supplies ready, let's brew up some crafting magic!

Creating the Ink Blended Background:

Start by taking a blank piece of cardstock. I prefer using a heavyweight cardstock for this, as it can handle the ink blending beautifully. Remember, there's no right or wrong here, just go with the colors that speak to you.

Witchy Vibes Card by Rick Adkins 4

Here's a little trick I picked up along the way: use a light hand when applying the ink at first, and gradually build up the color. It's easier to add more ink than to tone it down if you go too heavy too soon.

Embossing with the Tree Rings:

Now, let's give our background some texture with that fabulous Tree Rings 3D Embossing Folder. Just slip your inked cardstock in, run it through your die-cutting machine, and voilà! The result is like the pages of an ancient spellbook, full of mysteries.

Witchy Vibes Card by Rick Adkins 3

Distressing with the Sanding Block:

Here's where we bring out the "witchy" in our Witchy Halloween Background Card. Take that sanding block and gently go over the raised parts of your embossed panel. This creates a wonderfully distressed effect, like our card has been on some magical adventures of its own.

Witchy Vibes Card by Rick Adkins 2

Focal Image & Coloring:

Now, let's summon the stars of our card, courtesy of the Midnight's Halloween Adventures #3 Stamp Set. I always say, there's no right or wrong way to color these images. Let your creativity flow!

I've often found that a touch of uneven coloring adds character to my Halloween-themed cards. It's like giving our little witches and ghosts their own unique personalities.

Witchy Vibes Card by Rick Adkins 1

And there you have it, folks! Our Witchy Halloween Background Card is complete, and it's ready to cast a spell of delight on anyone who receives it.

I hope you've had as much fun creating this card as I have. Remember, crafting is all about letting your creativity shine. Don't be afraid to experiment and add your personal touch to every project.

Witchy Vibes Card by Rick Adkins Inside

If you enjoyed this enchanting journey into the world of cardmaking, please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. That way, you'll never miss out on any of our crafty adventures together.

Until next time, happy crafting, and may your Halloween be filled with creativity, fun, and maybe a little bit of magic! 🧡👻🔮

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Materials Used:

Here you will find the list of supplies that I used to create today's card. All supplies are linked to supply sources below. Compensated affiliate links may be used at no cost to you.

Happy Stampin'

Rick Adkins

Rick Adkins

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