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Secrets to Paper Piecing with Designer Series Paper

Paper piecing with patterned paper is a fantastic technique for cardmakers and papercrafters alike. This technique allows you to create intricate designs and add a pop of color to your projects. The process is easy to learn, and the possibilities for creativity are endless.

In this blog post and video tutorial, you will learn how to master the technique of paper piecing with patterned paper. This fun and creative technique is perfect for cardmaking and papercrafting. With a few simple steps, you will be able to create beautiful and intricate designs that are sure to impress. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crafter, this tutorial will show you how to bring your designs to life with patterned paper piecing. Watch now and get ready to unleash your creativity!

Video Tutorial:

Watch the video tutorial and get my tips and tricks on how to master the art of Paper Piecing.

If you have problems watching the video you can click here to watch it on YouTube.

Here's how you can get started with paper piecing using patterned paper:

  1. Choose your patterned paper: Select a patterned paper that you would like to use for your project. Make sure to choose a paper with a pattern that is appropriate for the occasion and the recipient of your project.

  2. Cut your patterned paper: Cut the patterned paper into the desired shape, making sure to leave some extra paper around the edge.

  3. Adhere to your cardstock: Adhere the patterned paper to your cardstock base, using a strong adhesive such as double-sided tape or glue.

  4. Trim away the excess paper: Trim away the excess paper around the edges of the patterned paper, making sure to keep the edges of the paper flush with the cardstock.

  5. Repeat the process: Repeat the process with additional pieces of patterned paper, layering them on top of each other to create a multi-layered design.

  6. Add any additional elements: You can add any additional elements such as stamps, embellishments, or sentiments to complete your project.

  7. Finish with a sentiment: To complete the card, add a sentiment to the inside or front of the card.

Six Paper Piecing Card Ideas:

Here are the images of the cards ideas that I shared on the video tutorial. Below each of the images you will find the supply list for each of the cards.

Best Day Birthday Card:

Best Day Birthday Card by Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Rick Adkins
Recipe Card:
Best Bay Birthday Card Recipe Card
Download PDF • 769KB

Best Day Birthday Card Supply List:

Bouquet of Thanks - Thank You Card:

Bouquet of Thanks Card by Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Rick Adkins
Bouquet of Thanks Card Recipe:
Bouquet of Thanks Card Recipe
Download PDF • 595KB

Bouquet of Thanks Supply List:

Perched in a Tree Card:

Perched in a Tree Card by Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Rick Adkins

Perched in a Tree Card Recipe:

Perched in a Tree Card Recipe
Download PDF • 631KB

Perched in a Tree Card Supply List:

Happy Hedgehog To be So Nice Card:

Happy Hedgehog Card by Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Rick Adkins

Happy Hedgehog Card Recipe:

Happy Hedgehog Card Recipe
Download PDF • 697KB

Happy Hedgehog Card Supply List:

Simply Succulent Card:

Simply Succulent Card by Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Rick Adkins

Simply Succulent Card Recipe:

simply succulent card recipe
Download PDF • 909KB

Simply Succulent Card Supply List:

Taco Fiesta Birthday Card:

Taco Fiesta Birthday Card by Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Rick Adkins

Taco Fiesta Card Recipe:

Taco Fiesta Card Recipe
Download PDF • 656KB

Taco Fiesta Card Supply List:

By following these simple steps, you can create beautiful and intricate designs with patterned paper. This technique is easy to learn and offers endless possibilities for creativity and expression. So, why not give it a try and see what amazing creations you can come up with!

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