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Simple Coloring with Masks For Card Makers: Video Tutorial

Coloring is an essential aspect of card making, allowing crafters to bring their creations to life with vibrant hues and personal touches. Whether you're a seasoned card maker or just starting out, incorporating masks into your coloring techniques can take your designs to the next level. In this blog post, we'll explore the concept of coloring with masks and how you can create stunning cards using this simple yet effective technique.

Perched in A Tree Simple Masking Card by Rick Adkins Blog Banner

What are Masks?

Before diving into the coloring technique, let's understand what masks are in the context of card making. Masks are essentially stencils made of simple copy paper, masking paper or acetate that can be used to cover specific areas of a design, allowing you to isolate and protect them while you work on other elements. They create boundaries for coloring and help achieve crisp, clean edges.

Perched in A Tree Simple Masking Card by Rick Adkins

Materials Needed:

To get started with coloring using masks, gather the following materials:

  1. Cardstock: Choose a high-quality cardstock that is suitable for ink blending

  2. Stamps: Select your favorite stamp designs that you wish to incorporate into your cards.

  3. Ink: Pick the right Ink for your project. Use a waterproof ink pad or archival ink to stamp your images if you are going to do watercoloring after stamping. But for our purposes we are going to use die inks since we are going to be ink blending color over each area.

  4. Coloring Medium: Depending on your preference and technique, gather inks and Blending Brushes, markers, colored pencils, watercolors, or any other coloring medium of your choice.

  5. Masking Paper or Post-it Notes: These will serve as your masks, ensuring precise coloring.

Perched in A Tree Simple Masking Card by Rick Adkins Front View

Steps to Create Simple Coloring with Masks:

  1. Stamp your images: Begin by stamping your chosen images onto your cardstock using Tuxedo Black Ink. Position the stamps strategically to create the desired composition for your card design.

  2. Prepare the masks: Carefully cut out the desired shapes or images from the masking paper or post-it notes. Ensure that the masks cover the areas you wish to protect while coloring.

  3. Apply the masks: Place the masks over the stamped images, gently pressing them down to secure them in place. This will prevent any color bleeding or overlapping onto the protected areas.

  4. Color around the masks: Using your preferred coloring medium, start coloring the surrounding areas of the masks. Be creative with your color choices and shading techniques. The masks will act as barriers, allowing you to color freely without worrying about overlapping onto the protected areas.

  5. Remove the masks: Once you've finished coloring the surrounding areas, carefully peel off the masks to reveal the untouched stamped images beneath. The clean edges and crisp lines created by the masks will make your images pop.

  6. Finishing touches: With the masks removed (or add additional mask layers to add more ink blending to smaller sections), you can now focus on adding additional details or shading to the stamped images. Use your coloring medium to enhance the images and bring them to life.

  7. Create your card: Trim your colored cardstock to the desired size and mount it onto a card base. Add sentiments, embellishments, or any other decorative elements to complete your card design.

Perched in A Tree Simple Masking Card by Rick Adkins Side View

Video Tutorial:

Here you will find the step by step video tutorial on how I did the Simple Coloring with Masks technique.

If you have problems watching the video here on my blog you can always watch it on my YouTube Channel by Clicking Here!

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