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Super Quick & Easy Christmas Card: Horse & Sleigh Stamp Set from Stampin' Up!

Hey there, fellow card makers! Are you ready to dive into the world of creating a super fun and unique one-layer Christmas card? Join me in a simple and satisfying process that will result in a card that's not only a joy to make but also quick and easy to reproduce. We're going to blend in some gorgeous ink colors, stamp a delightful Horse and Sleigh image, add a heartfelt sentiment, and bring it all to life with the magic of colored pencils. So, grab your favorite supplies and let's embark on this merry card-making adventure!

One Layer Christmas Card with the Horse & Sleigh Stamp Set by Rick Adkins Blog Banner

Materials You'll Need:

Before we begin, let's ensure we have all the necessary supplies ready. You'll need smooth and sturdy white cardstock as your canvas, a selection of ink pads in festive shades, blending tools for that seamless finish, stamps from the Horse & Sleigh Stamp Set, the perfect sentiment from the Very Best Occasions Stamp Set by Stampin' Up!, your trusty colored pencils, and a reliable stamping platform.

Preparing the Card Base:

Start by grabbing your cardstock. Trim it down to your desired card size, then fold it in half to create your card base. Ensure your cardstock is robust enough to handle the stamping and blending without any issues.

One Layer Christmas Card with the Horse & Sleigh Stamp Set by Rick Adkins

Ink Blending the Background:

This is where the magic comes alive! Choose your preferred ink colors for the background. I picked a blue for a sky and a brown for a little ground but added them in a abstract way. I love cozy blues and greens, but feel free to get creative. With your blending tools, gently apply the ink in a back-and-forth motion. Begin with the lightest color at the top and gradually transition to the darker shade going back and forth with the colors to just add a little color to the card. Blend until you achieve a seamless, gradient effect.

Step Up Your Ink Blending:

If you want to step things up a little you can take a piece of masking tape and create a rectangular area on your card front. This will be the canvas for our ink blending adventure. But this step is not a have to do thing unless you want to.

Stamping the Focal Image:

Get ready to introduce your card's star: the Horse and Sleigh image! Treat this stamp like a VIP. Place it on your stamping platform for perfect alignment. Ink it up evenly with your chosen color. Press the stamp onto your card front within the unmasked area. A confident press ensures a crisp and clear image that's brimming with holiday charm.

One Layer Christmas Card with the Horse & Sleigh Stamp Set by Rick Adkins Side View

Adding the Sentiment:

Let's infuse some heartfelt words into our masterpiece. Reach for the sentiment stamp from the Very Best Occasions Stamp Set. Opt for an ink color that complements the background while letting the focal image shine. Stamp it below the masked area to give your card depth and emotion.

Coloring the Image:

It's time for some coloring fun! Colored pencils are our secret sauce. Layer and blend colors onto the Horse and Sleigh image with a gentle touch. Add shading and dimension to make the horse and sleigh truly stand out, almost like they're ready to leap off the card.

One Layer Christmas Card with the Horse & Sleigh Stamp Set by Rick Adkins Over head view

Final Touches:

Unveil the masterpiece! Give your card a thorough inspection to ensure it's picture-perfect. For an extra touch of elegance, consider a hint of sparkle with a clear glitter pen or subtle embellishments. This would so be cute to add a little red and green to the holly and berries in the sentiment or to draw stitching lines around the card base with a pen for that little extra something, something!

There you have it, a delightful one-layer Christmas card brimming with holiday spirit! With a touch of ink blending, some charming stamping, and a dash of colored pencil magic, you've crafted a card that's not only enjoyable to make but also simple to replicate for your loved ones. This is just the beginning—experiment with various colors, stamps, and sentiments to create cards as unique as snowflakes. Spread that handmade holiday cheer and proudly share your creations with the world. Happy card making!

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