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Tahitian Tide Color Schemes

Hello and welcome to my blog; today I have a super fun post to help inspire you. Today I am sharing serval different color combinations featuring the new 2022 - 2024 In Color Tahitian Tide! I know that you are going to love these color schemes and put them to use in your crafting today. Here’s a look at today’s featured color.

Tahitian Tide Color Scheme #1:

For the first color scheme today I picked some very bright and cheerful colors that reminds me of a tropical fruity drink. And, I think you can see why. I peered Tahitian Tide with Granny Apple Green and Daffodil Delight. This color scheme just screams fun to me. Color Scheme #1 is an analogous color scheme. Meaning that all three of these colors are on the same side of the color wheel and are next to each other.

Tahitian Tide Color Scheme #2:

For the next color scheme I went a little more on the subtle side of the color spectrum and features Tahitian Tide, Petal Pink, and Pear Pizzazz. This color scheme is a spit complementary color scheme. It uses one base color and two secondary colors. These colors are not exactly across from each other on the color wheel, but Petal Pink and Pear Pizzazz are equal distance apart from each other on the color wheel and each are across from Tahitian Tide.

Tahitian Tide Color Scheme #3:

The last color scheme I have for you today is a cross monochromatic scheme with Tahitian Tide, Shaded Spruce and Pacific Point. This color scheme reminds me of a landscape with happy trees, the sky and the lake.

I hope that you find these three color schemes using Tahitian Tide useful in your crafting, and you put them to use today. I will see you again tomorrow with a new post.

Happy Stampin'

Rick Adkins

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