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Unleash Your Creativity with the Pretty Petals Class by Mail

Are you ready to embark on a creative journey that will leave you feeling inspired and accomplished? Look no further than the Pretty Petals Class by Mail, an online card-making class featuring the exquisite Everlasting Beauty Stamp Set by Stampin' Up! Whether you're a seasoned card maker or new to the craft, this class is designed to ignite your creativity and help you create stunning handmade cards that will be cherished by your loved ones.

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Discover the Beauty of the Everlasting Beauty Stamp Set:

At the heart of the Pretty Petals Class by Mail is the Everlasting Beauty Stamp Set, a collection of intricately designed floral images and sentiments that will bring your cards to life. From delicate petals to versatile sentiments, this stamp set offers endless possibilities for creating breathtaking floral arrangements for any occasion. Get ready to explore the beauty of this stamp set and unlock your creative potential!

Learn Valuable Techniques and Tips:

Throughout the class, you'll have the opportunity to learn valuable techniques and tips from our experienced instructor. Whether you're looking to enhance your layering skills, experiment with different coloring methods, or add elegant finishing touches to your cards, the Pretty Petals Class by Mail has got you covered. You'll receive step-by-step instructions and guidance that will help you refine your card-making skills and elevate your creations to new heights.

Convenience and Flexibility:

One of the most appealing aspects of the Pretty Petals Class by Mail is its convenience and flexibility. With the class being conducted online, you can participate from the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for travel or strict schedules. You'll have access to the online class tutorial, allowing you to watch and follow along at your own pace. This flexibility ensures that you can fit the class into your busy schedule while still enjoying the creative process.

Pretty Petals Class by Mail by Rick Adkins

Class Kit Delivered to Your Doorstep:

Upon registering for the Pretty Petals Class by Mail, you'll receive a thoughtfully curated class kit delivered right to your doorstep. The kit does not include the Everlasting Beauty Stamp Set. You can add it on to your class and have it shipped with your class kit when they ship the week of July 14th; or use something similar in your stash. The kit does include pre-cut cardstock, embellishments, and everything you need to complete the class projects. The only things you have to worry about gathering supplies is your standard card making tool kit along with some ink pads and Stampin’ Blends (or your other favorite coloring media).

Ink Pads needed for this class: Mossy Meadow, Calypso Coral and Fresh Freesia Ink Pads along with the coordinating Stampin' Blends.

Connect with a Community of Crafters:

Joining the Pretty Petals Class by Mail means becoming part of a vibrant community of crafters who share your passion for card making. Interact with fellow participants, exchange ideas, and celebrate each other's creations. The supportive and encouraging environment will inspire you to stretch your creative boundaries and encourage you to explore new techniques.

If you've been yearning to unleash your creativity and dive into the world of card making, the Pretty Petals Class by Mail is the perfect opportunity to do so. With the Everlasting Beauty Stamp Set as your guide and expert instructor to provide guidance, this class promises to be an enriching and enjoyable experience. Register today, secure your class kit, and let the Pretty Petals Class by Mail take your card-making skills to new heights!

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Rick Adkins

Rick Adkins

If you need supplies for this class you can pick them up in my online store by clicking on the image below or by clicking on the items in the Shopping list below.

Pretty Petals Class by Mail Shopping List

Class Shopping & Supply List:

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