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About Rick: 

Rick Adkins is a multi-talented individual known for his extensive experience in the world of crafting and artistry. With over eight years of dedicated card-making expertise and more than two decades as a skilled artist, Rick has made a significant mark in the creative community.

Rick's journey in the arts began with a deep-rooted passion for creativity and self-expression. He embarked on this artistic path by earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking from Jacksonville State University, honing his skills and knowledge to perfection.


Notably, Rick Adkins is a respected member of the Rabbit Hole Designs Design Team, where he continually contributes his unique artistic insights and talents to the crafting world. This prestigious role reflects his commitment to advancing the art of card making and design.


Beyond his professional accomplishments, Rick's personal life is filled with joy and companionship. He has been happily married to his wonderful husband for a decade and shares their home with six cherished fur babies, comprising two dogs and four cats. These beloved pets are a constant source of inspiration and comfort in Rick's life.


Rick is not only a gifted artisan but also a prolific blogger and YouTuber. Through these platforms, he shares his vast knowledge, tips, and creative techniques with a global audience. His mission is to inspire and empower others to explore their artistic potential, firmly believing that creativity resides within the fingertips of everyone.


A core philosophy that Rick Adkins advocates for is the idea of resourceful crafting. He encourages fellow crafters to make the most of their creative time by using supplies already available in their stash. This practical approach not only sparks ingenuity but also fosters a sense of sustainability in the crafting community.


In summary, Rick Adkins is a seasoned card maker, a skilled artist, a devoted husband, a loving pet parent, a prominent member of the Rabbit Hole Designs Design Team, and a passionate advocate for accessible creativity. Through his blogging, YouTube channel, and artistic contributions, he continues to inspire and elevate the world of crafting, leaving a lasting impact on all who engage with his work.

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