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Blooming Peony Stencil Inspiration - Pinkfresh Studio

Hello and welcome to my blog; today I am going to share with you a card that I made using the Blooming Peony Stencils from Pinkfresh Studio. This was super simple to create the background with just stencils.

Blooming Peony Stencil Card by Rick Adkins

The Blooming Peony Stencils are a layering stencil set that allows you to add different ink colors to each layer of the stencil to create a fun and colorful floral design. You can change up the colors to create any colored peony you would like. The card was created on a 4" x 5.25" piece of cardstock. And you can see how much of the card front large peony takes up.

Blooming Peony Stencil Card by Rick Adkins1

There is also a coordinating stamp set if you don't like the look of just the stencil. But I actually love it because all I have to worry about is just making sure that each stencil layer is lined up. Which is super easy to do with the etched lines in the stencils.

Blooming Peony Stencil Card by Rick Adkins2

I actually made this card back in the spring. I think I may need to go back and make another one using some autumnal colors. That would be really fun to see the difference in just changing the colors would make. I hope that you have a wonderful day.

Rick Adkins

Rick Adkins

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