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Bright & Fun Thank You Card - HeroArts Tulip Bouquet & Liquid Watercolors

Updated: Apr 15

Welcome to my crafting corner! Today, I am excited to showcase the exquisite HeroArts Tulip Bouquet Stamp Set and demonstrate how to create a stunning card using their Liquid Watercolors. The combination of these high-quality products will bring your card-making endeavors to life with vibrant colors and beautiful floral designs.

Tulip Bouquet (HeroArts) watercolor card design by Rick Adkins Blog Banner

Preparing Your Workspace:

Before we begin, make sure your workspace is clean and organized. Gather all the necessary materials, ensuring your Tulip Bouquet Stamp Set is readily available. It's always a good idea to protect your work surface with a craft mat or some scrap paper to prevent any potential spills or stains.

Stamping the Tulip Bouquet:

Select the tulip bouquet stamp from the set and position it on your preferred stamping platform or acrylic block. If desired, you can use embossing ink and embossing powder for a raised and glossy effect. Alternatively, you can use a waterproof ink to stamp the image as well (which is what I did today). Press the stamp firmly onto your chosen watercolor paper, ensuring an even and clear impression. If you are using a more textural watercolor paper you will need to repeat the stamping to create a clear and clean stamped image.

Tulip Bouquet (HeroArts) watercolor card design by Rick Adkins

Coloring with Liquid Watercolors:

Now comes the exciting part—coloring the tulip bouquet! HeroArts' Liquid Watercolors are highly pigmented and perfect for creating vibrant floral arrangements. Start by dropping a small amount of your desired watercolor onto a palette or a non-porous surface. Dip your watercolor brush into clean water and then into the liquid watercolor, picking up a small amount of pigment. Apply the color to the stamped tulips, leaves, and any other elements you wish to highlight. Clean off the brush and add a small amount of water to your brush and pull out the watercolor to create the different values in each petal, or leaf. Experiment with blending colors and adding shading to create depth and dimension. Remember to let the colors dry between layers or use a heat tool to speed up the process.

Tulip Bouquet (HeroArts) watercolor card design by Rick Adkins front view

Fabulous Fussy Cutting (Optional):

If you prefer a more intricate look, you can fussy cut around the stamped tulip bouquet using sharp scissors. Take your time and follow the stamped outline carefully, removing any excess paper. Or use the coordinating Tulip Bouquet Frame Cuts to cut out the bouquet. This step adds an extra touch of elegance and allows you to create dimensional arrangements on your cards.

Assembling Your Card:

Once the watercolor is completely dry, it's time to assemble your card. Trim your cardstock (I used Very Vanilla Thick Cardstock from Stampin' Up! today) to your desired size and adhere it to a coordinating card base. Before adding the die cut Tulip Bouquet image I created a background panel using the Petal Burst Stencil, a few of HeroArts Reactive Inks (colors listed below), a foam blending tools on to a piece of Basic White Cardstock (from Stampin' Up!). Once the panel was dry I attached it to the card base. Then I added the tulip bouquet slightly off center to the card base using adhesive foam tape for added dimension. Place your tulip bouquet onto the card, experimenting with different positions until you find the perfect arrangement for you. Consider adding additional sentiments, die-cuts, or embellishments to complement your design.

Tulip Bouquet (HeroArts) watercolor card design by Rick Adkins Side View

Finishing Touches:

To complete your card, add any final touches or embellishments that you prefer. This could include sequins, ribbon, or a touch of sparkle with glitter pens. Get creative and make it uniquely yours!

Congratulations on creating a stunning tulip bouquet card using HeroArts' Tulip Bouquet Stamp Set and Liquid Watercolors! This versatile set allows you to explore endless possibilities with different color combinations and techniques. Whether you're sending well wishes, celebrating a special occasion, or simply sharing your creativity, this card is sure to impress. Enjoy the process and keep exploring new ways to use these incredible products in your future crafting endeavors! Happy card-making!

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