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Coloring Delight: Colored Pencil Techniques for a Heartwarming Holiday Card

Hey there, fellow crafters! Ready to dive into some card-making magic? Today, we're going to talk about a project that's close to my heart: creating a heartwarming holiday card using some awesome colored pencil techniques. And guess what? We'll be using the super cute Baby's 1st Christmas Stamp Set from The Rabbit Hole Designs. Whether you're a seasoned card-making pro or just starting out, I promise you'll find some fantastic tips here to make your cards shine. Oh, and the best part? We'll be achieving those professional results without breaking the bank, using good ol' Crayola colored pencils or other budget-friendly options. Let's get started!

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Gathering Your Materials

Alright, let's do a quick materials check. Here's what you'll need:

  • Baby's 1st Christmas Stamp Set (A-dorable alert!)

  • Sturdy cardstock or a pre-made card base

  • Colored pencils (I'm talking Crayola or any of your favorite budget picks)

  • The fabulous Triangle Mosaic Stencil

  • Optional, but oh-so-shiny: Diamond Glaze for that extra sparkle

Now, I've got to admit, I'm all about crafting on a budget. And the good news is, these budget-friendly pencils are going to work like a charm. So, don't worry about splurging on fancy pencils—Crayolas will do the trick just fine.

Stamp Selection and Preparation

Alright, let's talk stamping! Choosing the right stamps for this project is key. We're going to focus on the snow globe and train images from the Baby's 1st Christmas Stamp Set. They're just the cutest, trust me.

Now, I've had my fair share of stamping mishaps, but here's a little trick: press the stamp gently and evenly onto your cardstock. You don't want it sliding around and giving you a smudged mess (been there, done that!). And speaking of cardstock, make sure it's ready for coloring. Smooth and ready to take on those pencils!

Baby's 1st Christmas Snow Globe Card by Rick Adkins

Basic Colored Pencil Techniques

Let's dive into some coloring magic, shall we? First up, we're going to talk basic colored pencil techniques. Layering, blending, and burnishing—these are your new best friends. Start with a light hand, adding layers of color slowly. This builds up that beautiful intensity we're aiming for. And don't forget, we're aiming for cozy, not rushed, so take your time.

Remember that time I tried to rush through coloring and ended up with a mess? Yeah, let's not do that. Slow and steady wins the coloring race!

Creating Dimension and Depth

Now, let's add some dimension to those stamped images. Shadows and highlights, here we come! Adding darker shades to the areas where light doesn't hit directly brings your images to life. And those highlights? A white pencil or eraser can work wonders. Suddenly, those images pop right off the paper, and you'll feel like a coloring maestro.

I do use the white pencil from the Basic Crayola set to start adding in my highlights but when I want them to really pop I will add in a White Prismacolor Pencil for that extra pop of white.

Baby's 1st Christmas Snow Globe Card by Rick Adkins Front view

Incorporating the Triangle Mosaic Stencil

Alright, let's take a detour to texture town with the Triangle Mosaic Stencil. Secure that bad boy in place and get ready to add some pizzazz to your background. Apply those colored pencil techniques over the stencil for a textured look that's going to take your card to the next level.

Adding Extra Sparkle with Diamond Glaze (Optional)

Feeling fancy? Let's add some sparkle with Diamond Glaze! You can apply this to elements like the snow globe's glass to make it shine like fresh-fallen snow. Just remember, a little glaze goes a long way. Don't get too carried away, unless you're going for the ultimate bling!

Baby's 1st Christmas Snow Globe Card by Rick Adkins Over Head view

Assembling the Card

Now that we've got our beautifully colored elements, it's time to assemble the card. Position those images and secure them to your card base. Feel free to get creative here. Maybe add a cute ribbon or some twine for that final touch of magic.

Personalizing and Final Touches

A holiday card isn't complete without a heartfelt message. Grab your favorite sentiment stamp or hand-write your wishes. And hey, if you're feeling adventurous, grab a metallic pen for a festive touch. Those fine-tipped pencils also come in handy for adding little details that make your card uniquely yours.

Baby's 1st Christmas Snow Globe Card by Rick Adkins Side View

And there you have it, my crafty friends! We've embarked on a journey to create a heartwarming holiday card using budget-friendly colored pencils and the oh-so-adorable Baby's 1st Christmas Stamp Set from The Rabbit Hole Designs. Remember, there's no need to break the bank for top-notch results. Just a little patience, a lot of love, and some Crayolas can work wonders. So, go ahead, embrace your inner artist, and let's make some card-making magic together!

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