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Exploring the Color Cube: Creating Stunning Cards with Waffle Flower Crafts' Sneak Peek Club Kit #7

Updated: Apr 15

If you're a craft enthusiast, you're probably always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to create beautiful cards. The Waffle Flowers Craft Sneak Peek Club Kit 7 is a treasure trove for avid card makers, featuring the versatile Stacking Cake Die and Stacking Cake Stencil. In this blog post, we will dive into the creative world of colors and explore how you can utilize the same color palette inspired by the Color Cube to design four unique and captivating cards using this amazing kit.

exploring the color cube and creating with Waffle Flowers Sneak Peek Club Kit Blog Banner

The Color Cube:

The Color Cube (created by Sarah Renae Clark) is a tool that gives you color pallets on a card that work together. The Color Club is a concept that revolves around using a cohesive color palette to create visually stunning projects. By selecting the colors from one of the cards in the cube, we can ensure a harmonious and balanced composition across multiple designs. This technique adds a sense of unity and professionalism to your creations.

Color Cube Color Pallet Inspired Cards by Rick Adkins

Card 1: Vibrant Celebration:

For this card, select a bold and vibrant color from your Color Cube palette. Die-cut the cake layers using the Stacking Cake Die on colored cardstock. Using the Stacking Cake Stencil, blend ink onto the cake layers to add depth and dimension. Arrange and adhere the layers onto a card base. Add a cheerful sentiment to complete the celebratory theme.

Happy Birthday Stacked Cake Card by Rick Adkins

Card 2: You're Never Too Old:

Using the same color pallet from before create a soft and romantic playful background using Distress Oxide Inks in colors that are values from the colors on the Color Cube color pallet card. Die cut the background panel using a frame die and attach to the card base. Die-cut the cake layers from your matching cardstock and stencil them with a coordinating ink color. Assemble the layers on a card base, adding a little white cardstock for the ganache. Add a sentiment or two to from the included sentiment strips in the kit to create a fun playful card.

Never To Old For Cake Card by Rick Adkins

Card 3: It's Your Day:

Using the ink on your blending brushes apply it to your background panel that has been dry embossed with a fun birthday themed embossing folder. Die-cut the cake layers and stencil them with a complementary ink color. Arrange the layers on a card base, adding subtle embellishments like sequins or rhinestones. Add a birthday sentiment, creating a peaceful and joyful message.

It's Your Day Birthday Card by Rick Adkins

Card 4: Playful Birthday

For a playful and whimsical touch, select a vibrant and contrasting color combination from your Color Cube palette. Die-cut the cake layers and stencil them with different colors, creating a colorful and eye-catching design. Arrange the layers on a card base, add a large word die to stack the cake layers into like I did here with the You Die from Penny Black. Add a celebrate sentiment strip to let the person know it's all about celebrating them.

Celebrate You Card by Rick Adkins

With the Waffle Flowers Craft Sneak Peek Club Kit #7 and a creative approach to color selection, you can design a set of captivating cards using the Color Cube. By using the same color palette across multiple designs, you achieve a sense of unity and cohesiveness that enhances the visual impact of your cards. Experiment with different color combinations, blending techniques, and embellishments to bring your ideas to life. Let your imagination run wild and create stunning cards that will delight your loved ones and showcase your crafting skills. Happy crafting!

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Exploring the Color Cube & Waffle Flower Sneak Peek Club Cards Pin by Rick Adkins

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