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Hawaiian Coral Off the Edge Card - Altenew

Updated: Apr 14

If you're looking to create a stunning off the edge card design, then the Hawaiian Coral Stamp Set from Altenew is a perfect choice. This stamp set features a large 7-layer spectacular bloom that is perfect for creating a unique and beautiful off the edge card design. In this blog post, we will go through the steps you need to take to create your own off the edge card design using the Hawaiian Coral Stamp Set.

Hawaiian Coral off the Edge Card by Rick Adkins

Choose Your Cardstock for Off the Edge Card Designs:

The first step in creating your off the edge card design is to choose the right cardstock. You want a sturdy cardstock that can handle the weight of your design and that will allow you to create a clean edge. For this project, we recommend using a heavyweight cardstock in a neutral color such as white or cream.

Prepare Your Stamp:

Once you have chosen your cardstock, it's time to prepare your stamp. The Hawaiian Coral Stamp Set from Altenew features a large 7-layer spectacular bloom and accompanying 4-layer leaf. Both the flower and leaf have an outline layer that can be used on its own to be colored with your favorite coloring medium. Select either the outline image (which is where I usually start for easy lining up of the other stamp layers) or use the most solid image with your lightest color of ink to get started with your layer stamping. Pick the image you that you want to use and mount it on a clear acrylic block or in your stamp positioner.

Hawaiian Coral off the Edge Card by Rick Adkins1

Now that you have your stamp mounted on your block, it's time to start stamping your design. Ink your stamp using your favorite ink color and start stamping your design onto your cardstock. Once you have all the layers stamped and have created the big gorgeous floral image it's time to cut it out.

Cut the Card Base:

Cut your card base slightly smaller than a standard A2 size card. You want to lay out your stamped and die cut image onto your card stock to see just how much you want it to hang over the edge. For my card today I cut the card base from Basic White Thick Cardstock about an inch smaller than a standard top folding A2 size card. This way I could place the die cut floral image and the leaves off the edge in just enough that it will fit into an A2 envelope.

Add Embellishments:

Once you have stamped or die cut your design, it's time to add some embellishments to your card. You can use a variety of different embellishments such as sequins, gems, or ribbon to add some extra sparkle and texture to your design. You can also use some Shimmery White Embossing Paste that you tint with Ink Refills through a stencil if you are using additional panels and you let it dry completely. Be sure to choose embellishments that complement your design and add to the overall aesthetic of your card.

Hawaiian Coral off the Edge Card by Rick Adkins2

Finish Your Card:

Once you have added your embellishments, your off the edge card design is almost complete. All that's left to do is to add any finishing touches such as a sentiment or additional stamping. You can also add a coordinating envelope to complete your card.

In conclusion, creating an off the edge card design using the Hawaiian Coral Stamp Set from Altenew is a fun and creative way to make a stunning and unique card. By following these simple steps, you can create a beautiful card that is sure to impress. So why not give it a try and see what beautiful designs you can come up with!

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