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Whimsical Winter Evenings: Penguining Stamp Set from The Rabbit Hole Designs

Hey there, fellow card makers! I'm so excited to dive into this creative journey with you today. If you're looking to whip up a fun and unique winter-themed card, you've come to the right place. We'll be working our magic with the adorable Penguining Stamp Set from The Rabbit Hole Designs and a few other nifty tools. But fear not, if you're unsure about creating a wintery night scene with colored pencils, distress oxide inks, and the Cat Eye Stencil on dark-colored cardstock, I've got your back!

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Gathering Supplies - Let's Get Crafty!

First things first, let's gather our supplies to create this whimsical masterpiece. You'll need the Penguining Stamp Set (cue the cuteness overload), colored pencils (let your creativity soar), distress oxide inks (to bring out that enchanting night sky), a Cat Eye Stencil (meow-mazing effects ahead), and, of course, some dark-colored cardstock to set the mood.

Pro Tip: When picking your supplies, don't be afraid to mix and match colors and textures to achieve that dreamy winter feel. Oh, and a cup of hot cocoa by your side might just be the perfect crafting companion!

Preparing the Dark-Colored Cardstock - Let's Get Ink-Ready!

Now that we've got our supplies ready, it's time to prep that dark-colored cardstock. I used the largest frame die from the You've Been Framed Dies to cut out my black cardstock panel. I remember when I first tried this technique; it took a bit of practice to get it just right. But fret not, my friends, I'm here to share my secrets with you!

Start by cutting your cardstock to the desired card size. Now, here's a little trick - give it a gentle rub with an anti-static tool (like the Cottontail Embossing Powder Tool from the Rabbit Hole Designs) or a dryer sheet. This simple step will help prevent unwanted smudges and make blending those inks like a breeze!

Whimsical Winter Evening Penguining Card by Rick Adkins closer view

Stamping the Penguining Scene - Let's Bring it to Life!

Now comes the fun part - stamping our delightful penguin friends from the Penguining Stamp Set. It's like giving life to a winter wonderland, and I always feel a sense of joy seeing these cute images take shape on paper.

If you want your penguins to appear in front of certain elements, try using the masking technique (which is what I did). Just stamp the image you want in the foreground on a piece of masking paper, cut it out, and place it over each of the penguins. This way, it'll look like they're playfully frolicking amidst the winter fun!

Creating the Night Sky - Let's Add Some Magic!

Ah, the night sky - one of my favorite parts of this card design! With distress oxide inks and some blending tools, you'll create a stunning nighttime backdrop for our whimsical scene.

Start with the darkest ink color at the bottom and gradually blend in lighter shades towards the top. Imagine a starlit sky with hints of blue, purple, and maybe a touch of pink. Oh, and don't forget to add a pinch of sparkle or shimmer - it's like making your card twinkle with joy!

Utilizing the Cat Eye Stencil - Let's Set the Mood!

Now, here's a fun twist! The Cat Eye Stencil will help create a whimsical Aurora Borealis effect on our night sky when turned on it's side. Take the stencil (turned where the design is going left to right) and lightly blend a slightly lighter shade of ink through it with the same colors of ink, creating a soft glow in the sky. It's like adding a touch of magic to your winter scene!

Whimsical Winter Evening Penguining Card by Rick Adkins view 2

Coloring with Colored Pencils - Let's Add Some Charm!

Time to add those finishing touches with colored pencils. Trust me; this is where the real magic happens! I find that using colored pencils on dark cardstock gives your card an almost ethereal quality.

Use soft strokes to color in the penguins, snow, and any other elements you want to pop. You can add highlights to their little eyes and bellies to make them even more adorable. Remember, there are no right or wrong ways to do this - let your artistic instincts guide you!

Assembling the Card - Let's Bring it All Together!

Time to assemble our masterpiece! Adhere the stamped and colored elements onto the dark cardstock, arranging them in a way that makes you happy. You can add some extra embellishments or a heartfelt sentiment to make it truly personalized.

Whimsical Winter Evening Penguining Card by Rick Adkins Top view

Finishing Touches - Let's Polish it Off!

Before we call it a day, let's give our card a once-over. Check for any little imperfections and fix them up. If you feel like adding more details or little extras, now's the time to do it. You know, sometimes a little dash of glitter or a sprinkle of sequins can make all the difference!

I decided to draw in a few wintery trees with my black colored pencil in the background. To add a little extra touch to the scene I added some snow with my white gel pen on the trees and at the base of each of them. I then added snow falling from the sky by adding little dots in different sizes all over the background. When doing this step make sure to add snow falling over the penguins as well so that it looks like it's falling from the sky and not just in the background.

Congratulations, card-making champ! You've crafted a whimsical winter evening card that's brimming with charm and character. I hope you had as much fun creating it as I did sharing these tips with you.

Remember, the beauty of card making lies in experimenting and letting your creativity soar. I'd love to see your unique winter designs, so be sure to share them and spread the crafty joy with the world. Until next time, keep crafting and creating those heartfelt masterpieces! Happy crafting, my friends!

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