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Crafting an Easy Skeleton Shaker Card: Witchy Card Creations Day 8

Hey there, fellow crafters! Halloween is just around the corner, and you know what that means – it's time to get those creative juices flowing and whip up some spooky, fun projects. Today, I'm going to walk you through an exciting DIY endeavor: creating your very own Halloween flat shaker card. Trust me; it's easier than you might think, and the end result is nothing short of impressive.

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Easy Skeleton Shaker Card Video Tutorial

Here you will find the step by step video tutorial on how to make the Skelton Shaker Card.

If you have problems seeing the video here on my blog you can always watch it on my YouTube Channel by Clicking Here!

Getting Started with Halloween Fun

I've always been a huge fan of Halloween. The costumes, the decorations, and, of course, the crafting opportunities! This year, I decided to take a break from the usual decorations and dive into the world of card making. And what better way to do it than with a Halloween-themed shaker card?

Easy Flat Skeleton Shaker Card by Rick Adkins

Materials You'll Need

Before we dive into the crafting process, let's make sure you have everything you need to get started. You'll want to gather up:

  • Cardstock or a pre-made blank card: I went for a classic black, but you can choose any spooky shade you like.

  • Skeleton-themed paper or stickers: You'll want something that screams Halloween.

  • Clear acetate or plastic sheet: Trust me; this is going to make your card come to life.

  • Double-sided foam tape or foam adhesive squares: These are the magic ingredients for creating that shaker effect.

  • Small Halloween-themed sequins or glitter: The more variety, the better!

  • Scissors: A crafting essential.

  • Glue or adhesive: To hold everything together.

  • Markers or pens (optional): For those extra personal touches.

Easy Flat Skeleton Shaker Card by Rick Adkins 1

Design and Layout

Okay, let's start with the fun part – designing your card! For my flat shaker card, I decided to go with a grinning skeleton that was both cute and eerie. But feel free to let your imagination run wild here. You can opt for witches, pumpkins, or even your favorite Halloween movie character.

Easy Flat Skeleton Shaker Card by Rick Adkins2

Remember, the key is to have fun and let your personality shine through in your design. That's the beauty of DIY – you're in charge!

Creating the Shaker Window

Now, onto the shaker element. This is where the magic happens, folks! Cut a piece of clear acetate or plastic sheet to match the size of your chosen Halloween design. Then, using some adhesive, attach it to the back of the design area. This clear window will allow you to see the sequins shake and dance inside the card.

Easy Flat Skeleton Shaker Card by Rick Adkins3

Assembling the Shaker Element

To achieve that awesome shaker effect, apply double-sided foam tape or foam adhesive squares around the edges of your skeleton design on the inside of the card. Pro tip: Make sure there are no gaps or spaces in the foam tape; this will keep your sequins from escaping!

Leave a small opening to add your sequins or glitter – this is where the fun really begins.

Adding the Shaker Filling

This part is a blast! Carefully pour those small Halloween-themed sequins or glitter into the center of your skeleton design. Play around with the colors and shapes to make it visually captivating. Just remember not to overfill; we want those sequins to move freely inside.

Easy Flat Skeleton Shaker Card by Rick Adkins4

Sealing the Shaker Element

Once your sequins are in place, it's time to seal the deal. Peel off the backing from the foam tape and press down firmly to secure the shaker element. You'll instantly see your skeleton card come to life as those sequins start to shimmy and shake.

Completing the Card

With the shaker element in place, it's time to finish up your card. Decorate the rest of the card as you like, adding extra Halloween-themed embellishments or stickers to really make it pop. Don't forget to write a personal message or greeting inside to spread some spooky cheer!

Final Touches and Presentation

Give your card a once-over to make sure there are no loose sequins or excess adhesive. Let any glue or adhesive dry completely before handling or sending out your Halloween masterpiece. Finally, place your finished card in an envelope, and you can even add a festive sticker or seal to make it extra special.

Easy Flat Skeleton Shaker Card by Rick Adkins5

There you have it, folks – your very own Halloween flat shaker card, made with love and a sprinkle of spooky magic. I hope this step-by-step guide has inspired you to get crafting this Halloween season. Whether you're sending it as a Halloween greeting or sharing it as a gift, your handmade shaker card is sure to make a memorable impression.

So, embrace your inner crafter, get those creative gears turning, and enjoy the process of making something special for the spookiest season of the year. And if you're itching for more crafting ideas, don't hesitate to explore my other tutorials for inspiration.

Thanks for crafting with me today, and have a hauntingly good time making your Halloween flat shaker cards!

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Materials Used:

Here you will find the list of supplies that I used to create today's card. All supplies are linked to supply sources below. Compensated affiliate links may be used at no cost to you.

Happy Stampin'

Rick Adkins

Rick Adkins

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