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Five Ways to Level Up Your Card Making Skills with Stencils in 2024

Hello and welcome back to my blog; today I am sharing five ways to level up your card making skills with stencils in 2024. I have a step by step video tutorial to share with you showcasing each way using different products from some of my favorite companies.

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I have five different cards to share with you today and each card uses a different stenciling technique that will help you level up your card making skills with stencils in the coming year. Each card also features different products from five different fabulous companies.

Video Tutorial:

If you have problems watching the video here on my blog you can always watch it on my YouTube Channel by Clicking here!

(Wondering what I used in this video/project? Everything is linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails at the end of this post, or in the text below. Compensated affiliate links used when possible).

Intricate Backgrounds:

Use stencils to create detailed and intricate backgrounds for your cards. Apply different ink colors or like I have just one color with heavier applications each time through the stencil to achieve a multi-layered and visually appealing effect.

Winter Birds Card by Rick Adkins

Embossing and Texture:

Elevate your card designs by incorporating embossing paste or texture mediums or even dry embossing with stencils. This adds a tactile element, making your cards not only visually stunning but also interesting to touch.

Hello Walter Card by Rick Adkins

Masking Techniques:

Combine stencils with masking techniques to create dynamic and layered designs. Mask off areas with paper or tape while using the stencil, allowing you to build complex compositions with various elements.

Hugs Card by Rick Adkins

Layered Ink Blending:

Explore layered ink blending techniques with stencils to achieve smooth transitions between colors. This adds depth and dimension to your card designs, creating a seamless and visually appealing gradient effect.

3D Box Hello Card by Rick Adkins

Custom Colored Embellishments:

Create custom-colored embellishments by using stencils on plain cardstock or specialty paper. Cut out the stenciled designs to make unique elements that can be added to your cards, adding a personalized touch to each creation.

Winter Wishes Card by Rick Adkins

There you have it the five ways to level up your card making skills in 2024 with stencils. I hope you give these techniques a try. And if you do let me know which is your favorite.

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Materials Used:

Here you will find the list of supplies that I used to create today's card. All supplies are linked to supply sources below. Compensated affiliate links may be used at no cost to you.

Happy Stampin'

Rick Adkins

Rick Adkins

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