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Floral Celebrate Card: Summer Celebration Card Design

Updated: Apr 15

Summertime is a season filled with vibrant colors, blooming flowers, and joyous celebrations. What better way to capture the essence of this lively season than by creating a beautiful floral-themed card? In this blog post, we will explore the art of ink blending on die cuts using dies from your stash. Get ready to embark on a creative journey and design a stunning Summer Celebration Card that will surely impress your loved ones!

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Die Cutting the Cone Flowers:

Start by selecting the cone flower dies from your stash. If you don't have specific cone flower dies, you can explore other floral dies that resemble the shape and structure of cone flowers. Choose cardstock in various colors to create a vibrant bouquet effect. Place the dies on the cardstock and run them through your die-cutting machine. Repeat this step for as many cone flowers as you desire for your card.

Preparing the Ink Blending Station:

Create a designated area for ink blending. Lay down a protective craft mat or a piece of scrap paper to avoid staining your work surface. Gather your ink pads in summer-inspired shades, along with blending brushes or foam applicators. It's a good idea to have a separate blending brush for each color to avoid mixing them unintentionally.

Celebrate Summer Floral Card by Rick Adkins

Ink Blending on the Cone Flower Die Cuts:

Take a cone flower die cut and choose your first ink color. Load the blending brush or foam applicator with ink and gently blend the color onto the die cut. Start from the center of the flower and work your way outward in circular or sweeping motions. Build up the color gradually, adding more ink as needed until you achieve the desired saturation and shading.

Layering Colors and Creating Depth:

To add depth and dimension to your cone flowers, experiment with layering different ink colors. Use lighter shades in the center of the flower and gradually transition to darker shades towards the outer edges. Blend the colors seamlessly by overlapping them slightly. Don't be afraid to mix and match different color combinations to create unique and eye-catching effects.

Celebrate Summer Floral Card by Rick Adkins Front View

Designing the Card Layout:

Once you have ink blended all your cone flower die cuts, it's time to design the layout of your Summer Celebration Card. Cut a piece of cardstock to serve as the card base and fold it in half. Arrange the cone flower die cuts on the front of the card in a pleasing composition. Play with different arrangements until you find the perfect balance.

Adding Sentiments and Embellishments:

To complete your card, add a sentiment that matches the occasion. You can use sentiment stamps and ink pads to stamp directly onto the card base or opt for pre-made sentiment die cuts. Choose a sentiment that conveys the spirit of celebration and aligns with the overall theme of your card. If desired, enhance the design further with embellishments like sequins, rhinestones, or ribbon.

Assembling the Card:

Once you are satisfied with the placement of the cone flowers and sentiments, adhere them to the card base using glue or double-sided tape. Make sure everything is securely attached. Trim any excess cardstock if needed and tidy up any stray ink or adhesive marks.

Celebrate Summer Floral Card by Rick Adkins Side View

Creating a Summer Celebration Card with ink-blended cone flower die cuts is a delightful way to embrace the beauty of the season. The art of ink blending allows you to infuse your designs with depth, dimension, and a burst of vibrant colors. Remember to have fun, experiment with different ink shades, and let your creativity blossom. This floral-inspired card will undoubtedly make a lasting impression and spread joy to anyone who receives it.

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