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Graduation Slimline Cards

Updated: Apr 15

Hello and welcome to my blog! Today I am going to share with you two graduation cards and my review of the Mushroom Powder Puff Make up sponges for applying ink to projects.

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Slimline Graduation Card:

First I am going to start off with the cards. I needed to make two graduation cards. Luckily both schools that I need the cards for had the exact same colors. I wanted to do something that we could stick money in and call it a day. So, Slimline cards it is. I used products from my stash to create the cards. The graduation stencil came from Brutus Monroe and I got it with an order that I placed free when I ordered my Karin Markers (more on those later on after I play with them some more.)

Slimline Graduation Card by Rick Adkins5

Slimline cards are super easy I just don't make them a lot because of the cardstock size. Most of the time I forget what size I need and have to look it up all the time. My slimline card base was made from Basic White Thick Cardstock that was cut at 7" x 8 1/2" and scored at 3 1/2" on the 7" side. I need one for my great niece who graduated college last month and one for Charles' cousin that graduated high school.

Slimline Graduation Card by Rick Adkins4

I used the Graduation stencil on both cards I also used the Mushroom Makeup Sponges on both. Basically these are the same as the Picket Fence Studio Paper Pouncers but easier to get a hold of. I tried to get my hands on the actually tool to try out but they were sold out everywhere online when I needed to make these cards. You can apply ink with these but just like the Paper Pouncers you are not applying the ink like a blending brush. You are pouncing on the ink. The application of the ink went really well. I was able to apply as much color as I need to get the darkness I wanted with the Blueberry Bushel Ink.

Slimline Graduation Card by Rick Adkins2

On both cards I used a silver gel pen to outline the inside of the graduation stencil. Then I used the Cricut to cut out my sentiments and shadow layers along with the two graduation figures. The Cricut was a purchase by Charles but he's never used it. I honestly didn't think we needed it but I have loved having it and use it a lot for card making. It does come in handy when I want something that I don't have a die for.

Slimline Graduation Card by Rick Adkins1

I then layered both of the stenciled panels of Basic White Cardstock (3" x 8") onto a panel of Blueberry Bushel Cardstock cut at 3 1/4" x 8 1/4" before adding them to the slimline card bases. Then I simply added the sentiments and the graduation die cuts to each card. I finished them off with a few of the silver pearls from the Festive Pearls.

Slimline Graduation Card by Rick Adkins

Mushroom Makeup Sponges:

Mushroom Makeup Sponges
Photo from Amazon

I really enjoyed these tool and I think that they are great for ink application especially if you have issues with your hands. They are designed to help with problems with your hands. They do get better the more ink you apply to them. The more ink I built up on the tools the better they applied the ink. Overall I think it was the best $13 I have spent in awhile.

Video Tutorial:

If have linked the video tutoiral for the Alternative for the Paper Pouncers and how I made the graduation slimline card below.

If you have problems watching the video here on my blog you can catch it here on my YouTube Channel.

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Happy Stampin'

Rick Adkins


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