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Swatching & Review of Altenew's New Acrylic Markers | Video

Updated: Apr 14

Hello crafty friends, last night on my YouTube channel I posted my review and swatching video for the new Acrylic Marker 24 Set from Altenew. In my blog post today I will share the video and my thoughts on them.

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Swatching & Review of Altenew's New Acrylic Markers:

So, let's take a look at the NEW Acrylic Markers Volume One 24 Set by Altenew shall we. I am sharing my thoughts and opinions on these new markers. And let me preference this by saying I did purchase this set of markers with my own money. They were not sent to me or was I paid for this review. I purchased these markers because they were unique and I wanted to try them out. I love Altenew's stamps, inks, and alcohol markers already, so I wanted to give these a try.

Altenew 24 Set of Acrylic Markers


So, let's start with what I loved about these markers.

  • I loved that the case that the markers are in is a nice sturdy case. It feels nice in your hands. I also really appreciate that the design of the case was well thought out.

  • I was super happy with how on the inside of the case there are two braces that hold the markers in place. Which means there's no way for them to move around while traveling. Big plus here!

  • I love that I could take them right out of the case and work with them with ease. I didn't have to prime them like paint markers from the 80's / 90's. Big bonus points from me there.

  • I found that they were super easy to use and I could color with them without a problem. After I did this video I colored some super small images with them to see how "small" I could get.

Altenew 24 Set of Acrylic Markers Color Swatches on White and Black Cardstock

  • I thought the application of color went down super easily. It only took a few seconds for the acrylic ink in the markers to dry enough that I could put on a second layer.

  • I was able to build up depth and dimension in my project by layering the colors from light, medium, to dark without issues. I was super happy about that.

  • I loved how opaque there were on black Cardstock and how nice the colors also appeared on white Cardstock as well.

  • I thought for a starter set the color range was fantastic! There was a light, medium, and dark value of most of the colors. Which made it super easy to get a nice range.

  • I thought the price range was great. The set of twenty four markers cost $24.99. So they are about $1.04 per marker. Of course this is not counting any taxes or shipping cost into the price. But even adding that in they are still super affordable.

  • Even with the medium size tip I had no problem coloring with them.


There's really not a lot of cons to these markers. So, there's not many cons I can come up with about them but here's a few things.

  • The markers are not sold individually. So, if you have a favorite color that you use a lot and it runs out. You are not able (at this time of posting) to pick up just that color to replace it. You would have to buy a whole new set.

  • But with that being said I don't know how long that it would take to run one out of ink. I think that would depend on what you are coloring on with them. I'm sure a more porous surface would use more ink.

  • If anything as far as color range goes I would love to see more greens and maybe a few more flesh tones. But that maybe something that Altenew comes out with down the line depending on how well these are received.

  • They dry super fast which depending on how you use them and what you use them with could be an issue for some. But I think that this is just part of the learning curve for them. They dry quickly like thinned down acrylic paint dries. So, if you are not used to that it could be an issue for some.

I told you the cons was a pretty short list. And I wasn't playing around. I really tried to come up with something.

Altenew 24 Set of Acrylic Markers and Swatches on White and Black Cardstock

Altenew Acrylic Marker Review & Swatching Video Tutorial:

If you have problems watching the video here on my blog you can always watch it on my YouTube Channel by Clicking here!

(Wondering what I used in this video/project? Everything is linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails at the end of this post, or in the text below. Compensated affiliate links used when possible).

Altenew 24 Set of Acrylic Markers

And there you have it my crafty friends my thought on the new Acrylic Marker 24 Set from Altenew. Overall I found them a joy to work with and I have a few more projects I want to try with them and just see how far I can push them.

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Happy Stampin'

Rick Adkins

Rick Adkins


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