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The Rabbit Hole Designs September 2023 Release Day 3

Hello crafty friends! Welcome back to the ongoing Rabbit Hole Designs' September 2023 Product Release excitement! If you're just catching up, you're in for a creative treat. I've been thoroughly enjoying all the new products, and today's feature is nothing short of delightful. So grab a cup of something cozy, and let's dive right into the fantastic Day 3 of the release!

Silly Pumpkins Happy were friends card by Rick Adkins Blog Banner

Today, I had the pleasure of playing around with the charming Silly Pumpkins 3x4 Stamp Set, designed by the talented Agota Pop. These pumpkin illustrations are an absolute joy – they manage to be whimsical and adorable all at once. I couldn't help but fall in love with them instantly!

For my card, I decided to embrace the artistic journey by using a combination of water-based markers and color pencils to bring these pumpkins to life. The level of detail in these stamps is truly impressive, making them a dream to color. I opted for warm autumn shades like oranges, yellows, and greens to evoke that cozy fall atmosphere we all adore.

Silly Pumpkins Happy were friends card by Rick Adkins1

As I began coloring, I found myself immersed in the process. Each stroke of color seemed to breathe life into the pumpkins, and I quickly lost track of time. There's something incredibly satisfying about watching the illustrations transform under your fingertips, becoming vibrant and full of character.

Silly Pumpkins Happy were friends card by Rick Adkins

But that's not all – today also marks the Day 3 Blog Hop for this release. If you're seeking even more inspiration (who doesn't love that?), you're in for a treat. The blog hop is a treasure trove of creative ideas, and you won't want to miss out. Check out these fellow crafters for more crafty goodness:

There's something truly special about discovering new techniques and approaches from other crafters. It's a reminder of the vast creative world we're all part of.

To wrap it up, Day 3 of the Rabbit Hole Designs' September 2023 Release has been an enchanting pumpkin-themed adventure. The Silly Pumpkins Stamp Set is definitely worth adding to your collection if you're a fan of charming illustrations and coloring escapades. Until next time, happy crafting, and may your creative endeavors be as bright as the colors on these pumpkins!

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Materials Used:

Here you will find the list of supplies that I used to create today's card. All supplies are linked below. Compensated affiliate links may be used at no cost to you.

The Rabbit Hole Designs Supply List:

Happy Stampin'

Rick Adkins

Rick Adkins

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